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2007 Annadel Estate Vineyard Syrah

Price per Unit (piece): $ 141.00
Location: Sonoma Valley Appellation.

This lovely vineyard sits on 37.4 acres at the northwest end of the Sonoma Valley appellation, fronting on the Sonoma Highway. There is no flat land, and elevation ranges from 410-530 feet. The vineyard was established in 1998. All of the soils are characterized by alluvial gravel and cobble. Although it is officially in the Sonoma Valley appellation, the site drains northwest toward Santa Rosa Creek rather than south-southeast toward Sonoma Creek. Therefore, the climate at the site has more in common with that of the Russian River Valley and Santa Rosa Plain than it does with the San Pablo Bay and much hotter Kenwood areas. Heat accumulations in the coolest areas at the site are 5% to 7% less than at some of the most famous Russian River Pinot Noir vineyards. The target yield for the mature vineyard is an average of 3.0-3.5 tons/acre. The Pinot Noir is planted in the coolest areas of the vineyard, and planted with Dijon clones: 115, 667. 5 gallons per pail, recommended 3 pails per fermentation produces approximately 48 bottles or $8.80 a bottle.