Winepod Winemaking System

Ready to live the dream of becoming a winemaker? With the 2013 WinePod you can make great single lot custom wines without any prior experience. We will teach you everything you need to know to make great wines. The WinePod is the world’s first personal winery system and the 2013 model has improved temperature control, and a new direct drive wine press.Load your WinePod with premium grapes and the sleek self-contained unit will measure and monitor the fermentation process as your grapes journey from vine to wine. Here’s how it works: The WinePod – in conjunction with our proprietary WineCoach software – enables you to measure and adjust important winemaking variables such as temperature, Brix (% sugar by weight) and acidity, and to make the necessary additions and adjustments to these variables to ensure that you arrive at a truly delicious finished wine.

There simply is no better way to learn the art of winemaking.