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The WinePod is the world’s first computer-controlled, all-in-one winemaking system that combines a rugged design with state-of-the art technology for advanced fermentation R&D.

Reproducible control and isolation of desired variables
  • Precise, repeatable automatic temperature control
  • Precise, repeatable automatic cap management
  • Automatic press with time and pressure control
  • Minimal operator intervention/cross contamination
Small batch sizes with expanded process capability
  • Increased experiments per volume of fruit
  • Cold soak, extended maceration
  • Variable lid with sample port
Replicate larger fermentation vessel for improved reproducibility at scale-Up
  • Mimics temperature profiles of larger tanks via programmable temperature vs. Brix software
  • Requires software upgrade: available April 2009
Minimal staffing/facilitation requirements
  • Reduces overall staffing /training due to automation
  • Automation of daily staff monitoring of punch-downs, temperature, Brix level
  • Automatic data collection (export to XLS)
  • Uses standard 110 V AC plug
  • Uses standard 110 V AC plug
  • Mobile design. Can be relocated even during fermentation
  • 75 liter, stainless steel fermentation tank – insulated and jacketed
  • Dimensions: 26” diameter, 49-1/2” height. Weight: 125 pounds, empty
  • Thermoelectric temperature control system (cooling to 50° and heating to 100° F at an ambient temperature of 70F).
  • Startup power requirement up to 280 Watts, with a steady-state power requirement not to exceed 220 Watts when in cooling mode.
  • In-situ, real-time brix sensor +/- 1°Bx
  • Moving-head style press with variable pressure control, up to 1 Bar
  • Automatic punch-down (software upgrade: available April 2009) w/ programmable frequency and duration
  • Submerged cap fermentation capable
  • Automatic pomace removal system
  • Bladder and pump-free variable lid with sample port and airlock
  • WinePod™ R&D customizable software
  • Automatic data collection of Brix and Temperature
  • Upper and Lower control limit temperature program
  • Exportable to Microsoft Excel